Can We Do This?

Things are expensive in TCI, especially Provo. This is not breaking news. We've done research. We're still researching. And every once in a while the panic sets in. Are we crazy? Can we really do this?

We always come back to yes. Of course we can do this. People do this kind of thing with less - less planning, fewer resources, less knowledge. They do it with less. So why are we so worried? Because we should be. If we didn't have concerns we wouldn't be thinking about all the ramifications of this decision. It's a big decision and it deserves some serious thought. The trick is to not let yourself get weighed down by the unknown. It's scary thinking about all we don't really know. But, we're not going to know much of this stuff until we get there. The key to survival will be resilience. Planning, of course, but you just can't plan for everything. We know things may (and probably will) go awry with our plan at some point. That's part of the adventure.

Plus, things go awry here. This place where everything seems to run on auto-pilot is also filled with life's curveballs. There's no escaping them. You can't control these events. But you can control where you are when the come. Location is really one of the only things in life we can control, isn't it? That, and our own mentality. The way we think about things is definitely within our control. We could focus on the scary parts of this decision - the unknown, being away from family, walking away from stable careers and income. We could talk more about the disaster this decision could turn out to be.

But we won't. We don't ignore all of those scary things. They are real and exist as legitimate scary things. But they aren't just scary. The unknown is also a bucket of possibilities. Being away from family can create stronger bonds and make time together more special. Stable careers and income are available other places - and can be achieved doing something you truly love. This is how we choose to look at these things.

Can we do this? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean it's going to be easy.