Time for Change

It’s time to go. Actually, it’s been time to go for a long time. Husband and I have been talking about moving to the Caribbean for years. It was never a matter of if, only how, where, and when. When is off the list. We’re going in 10 months whether we know How or not. We’re working on How, but How is a very daunting entity. How gives out free head cramps and does not always play nice. Don’t get me started on Where. Where is almost worse.

Long story short, this dream suddenly became a tangible option in the last few months. I’ve talked to a few recruiters and an expat consultant. I’m sifting through miles of expat blogs and reaching out to those already doing what we dream about every day. Did I say every day? I meant every minute. And by every minute I definitely mean 60 times a minute.

Our first choice is Turks & Caicos. It has some interesting opportunities. It feels like it could be home. We’re quiet people. We like to cook, read, and have engaging conversation. We don’t need much more out of life than that. A small community where we can live on the margins but still engage in some way is what we want. Because that is who we are. It’s what we do here, we just don’t want to do it here anymore.

The problem with here is, well, almost everything. We’ve been playing the role - get married, find a career, buy a house, work on some kids, travel twice a year if you can, buy a bigger house, do more in your career… It’s not a role we have any interest in playing.

Our house is lovely but completely unnecessary. The argument that our dogs need a yard to run in is foolish, at least for our dogs. They are barely two feet away from us at any given moment. They aren’t running in the yard. They get their exercise on walks. They wouldn’t care if we have 3000 sq ft or 300 sq ft. As long as we’re there, the food keeps coming, and walks are regular, they wouldn’t notice a difference. Our house has great entertaining space. You know how often we entertain? Maybe four times a year. Maybe. We just don’t do that. So why not trade in our 3000 sq ft for 300 sq ft of space in a place where the commute isn’t a blur of strip malls? Why not go to a place I don’t have to dread the seven months of the year when the weather has a 90% chance of being really crappy? Why not, indeed.

We’re going, but we have a lot of work to do in the next 10 months. The two major questions of Where and How have to be addressed. Obviously How depends quite a bit on Where. If not TCI, we’d love to be in the Cayman Islands. But maybe the USVI is a more realistic jump? From Belize to Thailand, we’ve looked at it all. We really need to narrow our focus.

I have a goal of accomplishing something every day that needs to be done. From my on-going quest to get someone on Grand Cayman to come up off a certified copy of our marriage certificate so I can renew my passport to cleaning out what I lovingly call our Room that Holds All Things. I am knocking things off the list. Ten months really isn’t that long and there is a lot to do.