It's Always About Money

Here I sit, twenty years past college graduation, Bachelor’s degree in hand, still wondering what I want to be when I grow up. The heat is on when it comes to determining how to make money and move to TCI. There is a part of me wishing I’d made different decisions and had somehow landed in a financial or IT profession. I occasionally ask myself why I didn’t go to law school all those years ago after spending all that time studying for the LSAT. But I always come back to the same answer - those areas just weren’t for me. I found a career path where I do lots of things I like. And that’s fine. But now I want to do something I love. And I need it to provide me enough income to subsist in TCI long-term.

So, what am I going to do? I’ve discovered several freelance opportunities for which I have experience. I can be a remote customer service agent. It’s not glitzy, but it can be fun. It can be tedious, yes, but like anything it will ultimately be what you make of it. I am considering virtual personal assistant roles. I know what I’ve needed out of an assistant and I would think that perspective would help in this area. Organization? I’ve got that in spades. Prioritizing multiple uber-urgent tasks? Welcome to my current daily work life. Remote transcription work. This is probably my favorite-ish option so far, although the recording of glaring verbal grammar mistakes is a bit irksome at times. Am I passionate about any of these things? Eh.

While the income aspect of the move is most definitely the most urgent decision to be made, other things on the list can move forward. Setting up power of attorney, selling our belongings, preparing the paperwork for the dogs. But there is no doubt the move is still stalled until income method is determined. Which means evenings and weekends will be full of testing the waters in the aforementioned areas. It’s about to be a very busy few months for our household.