A Whole New World

All options have been considered and we have settled on Maui as our next home, although still willing to consider options on other islands if presented. We've spent the last week reviving the scramble to find housing. Everything hinges on this piece of the puzzle. If it were just Husband and me, we'd just pack a bag and go. Wing it, so to speak. But it's not. We have two precious pups that rely on us and deserve only the best. So, no winging it for us. I have to say, the difference in the housing search from TCI to Maui has been remarkable.

We haven't even arrived on Maui yet and I'm astonished at the difference in attitude and interactions. To say the people we've contacted are nice is a severe understatement. Kind, helpful, considerate, enjoyable, friendly, genuine. I could go on. I get a flutter of excitement with each interaction. Even our housing request rejections are full of kindness and helpful information. There is an overwhelming sense of community that floods out of each email and phone call. I can't wait to be a part of it.

That's not to say these aren't qualities that are demonstrated by people here in the Midwest. Of course they are. But there is also a distracted or dismissive bent to many interactions. An underlying focus on one's own agenda that can lead to missing what is going on around us. I'm as guilty as the next person of falling into this. I don't think it is a reflection on the quality of people - it's the nature of how life operates here. In my humble opinion, it's a direct result of this rat race focused on the acquisition of things, job titles, and the next goal to achieve. There may be a larger quantity of people here, but it can be incredibly insular. Granted, this is my own experience in my own insular world which I participated in creating.

And I'm ready to undo all the work that went in to creating that world in favor of an existence focused more on actually experiencing life every day. That is not to say I have grand dreams of achieving inhuman feats in wondrous locations. Not at all. My dream is to slow down and really see what is going on around me, who I'm interacting with, and the beauty of the place I am located. To take my eyes off the phone or computer screen and actually participate in my environment.

I doubt this change will be easy. It's not as simple as just being in a different place. We'll be faced with breaking long-standing habits, re-learning how to interact in the world, and adjusting perception to our place in it. Changing behavior and/or perspective can be hard, but often worth it. My stomach boils with terror, anxiety, excitement, and desire for this future hurdle.

Speaking of hurdles, we meet with a professional organizer tomorrow. She's experienced in making big moves and I hope she helps us move forward at warp speed when it comes to our stuff and the house. We feel like we've been spinning our wheels. Expending a lot of energy without making significant progress. Not that we've made no progress. We'd just like to see more results for the work. Fingers-crossed, she is the medicine for what ails us at the moment.