*insert crazy here*

I'm completely freaking out. We've been working for months to prepare to leave, yet I stand now in this chaos and wonder what the heck I've been doing with my time. How is there still so much left to do? I actually stood in my living room and tried to I-Dream-of-Jeanie-blink myself to Maui. I just want all of this done and to move on with life. On the island. Where it's warm.

We received the first few inches of real snow over the last couple days. It hasn't helped productivity at all. Slick roads and bone-chilling temps aren't exactly motivating when it comes to all the running around we need to do. Trips to the storage unit have been put on hold. Dwindling packing supplies have not been replenished. Many episodes of House of Cards have been watched.

That is not to say that nothing has been done. The dogs' crates have been ordered and should arrive next week. That will give them plenty of time to acclimate. I spoke with a local pet relocation specialist that is helping us to customize a crate for Luna. No, the giant size, fits-a-Newfoundland crate is not tall enough for our ginormous puppy. Puppy! Oi. Now the biggest question is Luna's FAVN test. It has to be 120 days old. Which is great if the first test done in September is eligible. Some paperwork says it has to be done after her second rabies vaccine. Some doesn't. If it turns out the FAVN has to be done after the second rabies shot, she's not eligible for import until May 1. I plead to the heavens this is not the case.

The professional organizer should be uber helpful too. We struck a decent deal with her to organize the removal of all saleable belongings. This takes an enormous weight off the shoulders. That's not to say I don't have a long list of homework to complete, but the feeling of actually having direction is priceless. Between her and our wunderkind realtor, I think this can actually happen well before I thought we could pull it together. Which means Brian and I won't be separated for many months. That would be awful. Doable, but awful.

So, now that I've paused to word vomit about the increasing anxiety and excitement, it's time to get back to work. Just gotta keep the eye on the prize.