The Plague

Two days ago I was supposed to embark on one of two much-despised annual journeys. Leading up to every January, I scour my brain for reasons why I should not attend this annual torture. Alas, the birth of my very first nephew several years ago and this - this horrid plague that has invaded my body - have been the only two legitimate excuses to bow out. Irony at it's best, I was somewhat looking forward to this one and searching with less enthusiasm for a reason out. As it was to be my last and I very much enjoy the Ritz Grande Lakes, I had plans to make the best of it. Now it will just remain the goodbye that was never meant to be.

Best laid plans and all that. I don't get doctor-visit sick very often, but when I do I sure make it a doozy. Two doctor conversations in four days has me now able to sit up without nausea, breathe without rattle, and sleep for longer than 20 minutes before the full-body shakes wake me. I think my poor, poor husband has the worst of it though. He is always ready with tea, meds, water, whatever might lessen the pain. My 48-hour inability to sleep because of that wretched cough became his 48-hour inability to sleep. It was his sheer desperation for a moment of peace that got me in contact with the doctor again yesterday. And, it was a good call. Far from recovered, I am most definitely better right now than I was 24 hours ago. Last week I would have claimed there is no fate worse than attending a sales meeting. This week I am reminded that hyperbole is not always appropriate.

I am also reminded that freelancing doesn't come with sick days. I am lucky in this case. I alerted my clients a month ago that I would be unavailable this week due to the meeting. Had this not occurred, I could have been in a bit of a bind. Or turning out some very nonsensical and unfortunate copy. Sick days, personal time, vacation time, these are all perks that can be often taken for granted. Then again, as I am discovering with many other aspects of this impending lifestyle change, perhaps a reexamination of these "perks" is warranted.

What I mean is should it be a perk to be allowed time to heal when sick? To enjoy a beautiful day reading a book once in a while? To spend a spontaneous day of fun with family? As a freelancer I may not have the option to "cash in" a sick or personal day, but I'll have the freedom to manage these aspects of life as I see fit. If I get sick 6 days in a year instead of staying within the allotted 5, there is no worry. If I want to take 5 weeks of vacation, I can as long as the budget allows. I am the master of my own destiny in these respects.

Grocery and pharmacy delivery. That lack of transition wasn't intentional, just a result of writing this in 10 minute intervals throughout the course of a very long day. Recent circumstances have reminded me that these are luxuries I will miss. Not that Husband hasn't been there at every turn, it is very nice to have the point/click convenience of conveying my needs. Especially when talking can be so brutal. Then to have it just show up at the front door? Seriously, this service has been priceless for the last few days. I will definitely miss these creature comforts in the months to come after the move.

Which is very, very likely to be March 1. We will know more in the next few days, but as things progress this date is the most likely. I had to cancel the professional organizer due to the onset of my plague. I hope to get her rescheduled as soon as I can get the house decontaminated.