A Look Inside

A few months ago, my mother presented a simple request - pictures of our new place. A reasonable request, especially from a mother. Almost every day since, I've thought about starting this post. And every day since, I was distracted by other things.

Wait no more, Mom. Here's your tour. I'll start with the front door.

There are so many wonderful things about our abode from start to finish. As you walk to the front door, the air is permeated with the scent of plumeria thanks to the gorgeous tree just outside the door. The beautiful white and pink blossoms often line the sidewalk which requires some sweeping, but the smell is absolutely mesmerizing.

Our kitchen is on the left as you enter the front door. Beautifully updated by our incredibly kind landlords before we moved in, it is a small but functional space. My favorite part is that it is open to the living room, making after work dinner-making chatter easy. It also has cabinets, a huge upgrade from our earlier accommodations. I never knew how much I loved cabinets until there were no cabinets.

The living room is not only the perfect amount of space for our little family, but has an abundance of light. The sliding glass doors also allow for a wonderful breeze when the trades come through.

The doors open to the lanai which was more recently renovated as well. The lanai is Old Dog's most favorite. It warms my heart to watch him amble out in search of the perfect place to sun himself. He usually spends only 20 minutes or so an outing, but always comes in with a happy dog smile. I think he's thoroughly enjoying retirement in Maui.

The bedroom is simple and cozy. A place for that magical Maui dream-filled sleep. I love our bedroom, especially the window that opens to the lanai.

Finally, the bathrooms. I love my husband more than anything on the planet, but we agree that separate bathrooms are key to our happy marriage. When we moved in, we agreed it was his turn to have the en suite bathroom. I'm not sure he fully thought out this simple request. His bathroom also houses the washer/dryer and has a bit less space. Poor guy.

The office is not pictured here because, well, it's a work in progress. A tad on the messy side, it also doubles as excess pantry storage at the moment. We have some plans to make it more cozy in the future, but no need to stress out my mom with that mess right now. I will say its best feature is the large picture window that looks out on that gorgeous plumeria tree.

Slowly but surely we'll fill in the walls, too. This wonderful little condo doesn't need decor for it to feel homey, though. The pups handle that.

So that's the tour. Sorry it took so long. The other question I've been getting is about what I've been doing. The answer is simple - living life with a bit of work on the side. I've spent the last few weeks putting myself through a kind of boot camp, a return to the study of the writing craft. I'm working on increasing my daily word counts, reading more, and revisiting the advice of experts. Who doesn't re-read Strunk & White every six months? Totally normal. I'm also still working at the snorkel shop and loving it. It's a beautiful place to be and selling fun is about as easy as it gets. At times, it's hard to believe we've come this far in the last year. Every bit of effort has been more than worth it.