Keeping the Chin Up

If I thought I was waffling between extreme anxiety and extreme excitement before, I obviously had no idea what was coming my way. The intensity of the swings is mind boggling. Husband has only been gone for 3 days and each minute that ticks by feels like another 10 lb weigh is dropped on my shoulders. Being separated from my partner in crime is hard - harder than I anticipated.

But not unmanageable. We talk frequently, especially now as he is not yet adjusted to the time difference. We both have a full plate in front of us as well. He's virtually camping in our It's not exactly what we thought it would be, to say the least. We waffle between calling it the tree house and a hard tent. It has about as much space as either. The bed basically sits in the kitchen and half of the square footage has been devoted to the lanai. Tight quarters, but manageable for Husband and Old Dog. It will be even tighter in a month when Luna and I arrive. We'll need to adjust the living situation in the near future, but it's not at the top of the priority list now.

He's focused on finding an affordable, but dependable, vehicle and getting acquainted with the surrounding area. I'm cleaning things up here. There isn't a ton left, but there are some big items on the plate. First up, sell the house. It's been on the market for two days and we have four showings. Not terrible for right out of the gate. Second, ship Old Dog. He leaves at 3am next Tuesday. This one really hurts my heart. I haven't been separated from Old Dog for more than a week or two since he was 3 months old. The thought of being apart so long is tough. Almost as tough as being apart from Husband.

The last big task is selling our remaining car. This isn't rocket science, but timing here can make a big difference. I mean, I still have to work and get around while I'm here. But I don't want to deal with a hassle about it before I go, either. I'm sure the cards will fall into place for this, but it does weigh on my mind a bit. The rest is just odds and ends. Sending bits of things that are left I don't want to put in the suitcase. Recycling old electronics. Getting all paperwork organized in the file cabinet so that it's easily accessible if needed. Those sort of things.

Husband is anxious about his To Do list as well, but I can hear excitement in his voice when he talks about exploring the area near the house. I love that. It really helps keep my chin up. He is adamant that it is quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth. And, he has confirmed my previous suspicions that the people are the nicest you could hope to encounter. It truly does seem to be the paradise we have been searching for. The hope for a different, more suitable to us lifestyle is tangible and it feels really, really good. He sent this video of the drive from our house into town. It took my breath away. It's certainly not the cornfields I've been driving by the last few decades.

Yesterday also happened to bring Husband's first taste of what surfing means to this community. As he left our humblest of abodes, our road was packed with cars sporting surf boards. A quick interwebs search revealed that it was an event called the Quicksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau. Surfers were given notice the event would be held for the ninth time in 31 years before dawn. Approximately 20,000 people gathered to enjoy the surf and life music. It could not have been more apparent how much this sport and Eddie Aikau meant to the community. It was both shocking and awe-inspiring to see the community mobilize on such short notice for such a good time. That's the kind of mentality I want, the kind of life I want to live, and the kind of community I want to be in. I'm keeping my chin up. This is only temporary. And the payoff will so be worth it.

The view just a short walk from our back door.

The view just a short walk from our back door.