The Secret is Out

The months and months of arduous secret keeping is over. Finally. No more guarded conversations. No more selective word choice. Secrets are hard. Even the good ones. With the secret out we are free to let the reality wash over us. Actually, I am free to let the reality wash over me. Husband has been fully immersed in the reality for a month.

We are moving to Maui.

Miss Monster leaves one week from tomorrow. I'm going to miss her very, very much, but Husband is thrilled to get his girl back. As wonderful a companion as she is for me, she is most definitely his canine soulmate. Her mind is going to explode when she sees him again. I would like to wish the chickens the best of luck. I may not see them again. Old Dog is content to just chase them out of the yard. But he doesn't move so fast anymore and their irritated clucking at being displaced does not bother his deaf ears. Miss Monster on the other hand...well, it could be interesting.

My Silly Miss Monster

My Silly Miss Monster

I leave two weeks and four days from today. Eighteen days. We can probably call it almost seventeen, really. As scary as this whole thing is right now, one thing is absolutely certain. Our little family is ready to be together and together we can handle whatever is thrown our way. This separation has been the hardest thing of the whole process. Should we carry this adventure forward to a new location in the future, we will avoid prolonged separation. Life's too short for my heart to exist half a world away for this long.

I am ready to return to my island home.