Upcountry Camping

I had a very specific request from a person I am incredibly fond of for more pics of our humble abode. Because of my overwhelming fondness for this person, I felt compelled to address the request promptly. For us, it feels a lot like camping. The nature flows inside and out. Without further ado, here is a glimpse into our closet...er...accommodations.

Note: I opted to include the move-in photos of the interior in the interest of time and because, well, we've got a lot of boxes and suitcases stacked up at the moment. It's a bit tricky moving about. The photo quality isn't tops, but you'll get the gist. For perspective, it takes me only six steps move from the sink to the opposite wall. And I'm super short. The space in the sleeping loft is almost exactly the size of a full-size bed. The lanai is HUGE and wraps halfway around the house.

Here is the front door and the boat ladder leading to the sleeping loft. The door to the right of the death ladder is the itty bitty bathroom.

This is a good shot of the death ladder. I call it the death ladder because each time I scramble up or down it, I'm convinced death is imminent. Especially during those 3am bathroom breaks in the dark.

This is a shot down the death ladder. See how I take my life into my own hands each night? The good news is, should I fall, there is a ginormous shepherd sleeping down there that will enthusiastically lick the wounds of my broken body.

This is the loft space where we sleep. As you can see in the below photo there is a ledge on the right that blocks part of the top of the ladder. This is where things get really tricky. There is about eight inches of space between the end of the bed and the loft ledge. It always feels like a miracle when the ladder is successfully navigated, ledge avoided and the foot slips into the free space. Plopping on bed follows. Usually accompanied by a groan of some sort. Let's just say it's a regular core workout.

We're short on storage space as well. Did you note the lack of cabinets in the kitchen? Well, there's no real closet either. We have the below make-shift closet in the bathroom. Fortunately, there is no need for a diverse wardrobe here. Gone are the days where judgement applies to what covers one's body. That is all reserved for attitude. That is all okay by me.

Our suitcases now serve as drawers for the items that require folding. I should say "folding".

Are the accommodations short on space? Sure. But step outside and this is where things get good. Here is the gated entrance to our yard and the path leading to the lanai/front door.

This is the side yard next to the entrance path.

The yard that runs along the back of the lanai facing the gulch. The very, very steep cliff that drops off into the gulch, I should say.

It's a bit difficult to get the true perspective here, but this is the other side of the fence. Just passed the dead leaves where the grasses grow is the edge of the cliff. Passed the grasses are the tops of very tall trees. We don't go on the other side of the fence.

Here is the side yard on the other side of the lanai. Now, rein in the "jealousy", my Mississippian friend. This is also where the magic laundry shed lives.

Luxury of all luxuries, isn't it? All joking aside, I was thrilled to find this gem. No laundromat for us! It may not be the new washer and dryer set we left behind, but it does the job. I just don't do it at night. Because of spider alley.

Each evening, the monsters emerge and build their elaborate webs of torture. The entire path from fence to foliage becomes a sea of entrapment designed by some of the largest and most colorful spiders I've ever seen. I don't go here. The discovery of this pattern by Husband is a comical story for another day. Let's just say his Ken doll-like hair was not a fan.

This view is from the laundry shed portion of the yard looking back at the lanai. This is where Miss Monster will perch so she can get a good view of where the ball lands before she takes off after it. Not over the railing, of course. Each time she thunders across the lanai to the yard, I smile while sitting lazily in my chair. My Miss Monster is exercised and I'm thoroughly relaxed. Everyone wins.

You've probably seen this one. I've used it a few times. This is the view of the front door/lanai entrance.

Back to the lanai. This pic was taken from the top step. Please disregard the muddy puppy print floor design. That's just how it goes. Thought I was joking about the standing desk situation? Nope. Our generous landlords extended the roof a few feet before we arrived, so the lanai does not get wet even in heavy rain. It's a wonderful place to work. Added bonus - I feel I'm really getting my money's worth out of the crate. Because she isn't. It's just too hot too put her in it outside. Besides, she doesn't really need it anymore except for transport and we're not going far anytime soon.

And that is the rest of the lanai. Notice the lack of chairs. We have two. We shuffle them in and out depending on time of day. It's early now, but they'll be back out in an hour or so.

Well, in the words of one of my favorite former colleagues, there you have it! It's humble, a dramatic change from what we came from, fraught with challenges, and even comes with some elements of danger. We could not be more grateful to have found this place, complete with the kindest landlords a person could hope for. Will it be our last rental in Maui? Probably not. But it couldn't be a more perfect first.