I Don't Do That

Tomorrow is my last day in the office. It's been a week full of remembering, sharing, and reminding. All of it has been humbling for me. Remembered moments, shared responsibilities, and a reminder that all we do, all we say, all has some form of impact on those around us. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by incredible people. As some have shared with me the impact they perceived as our paths crossed, what reverberates within me is enormous gratitude for all they have taught me.

I am not perfect and have certainly made more than my fair share of mistakes. Being surrounded by such intelligent, thoughtful, and understanding people on my journey through the last decade helped me grow. Helped me to become better. Helped me to see the better place the world can be. Helped me to see the better me I can be. For all of that, I am humbled and eternally grateful. I may swipe my badge for the last time tomorrow, but the lessons these amazing people have taught me I will carry always.

There have been no tears. I don't do that. I repeated those four words many times this week, mostly in hopes of keeping my composure. The reality is that I do. I just don't usually do it in public. The conversations, the cards, the sentiments shared have reached the depths of my heart. Again, I am astounded at how lucky I have been to cross paths with such a group of people.

Tomorrow I say my final goodbye to my second home, my work home. I wish the best of luck to my colleagues, my mentors, and the angry, screaming goose that resides on the roof of Parkwood 800. I hope your journeys are filled with much success and adventure. Always learning. Always brave, imaginative, and decent. Always in my heart.