Upcountry Update

I've been told I was quiet last week. Probably because I was. Two reasons for that. One, we had a lot and nothing going on at the same time. We spent majority of this week without power and were limited in travel range due to days upon days of torrential downpours. Being at a higher elevation, we didn't experience flooding issues, other than being restricted at times on where and when we could venture out. Nothing starts the day off right like putting a load of linens the washer then losing power for several hours, let me tell you. Miss Monster took the whole "we wear mud" thing to a whole new level.

Also, we're moving! As of June 1, we'll be Kihei residents and happily setting up shop in our new condo (rented, not purchased). We'll be reunited with what little of our stuff we shipped. I'll have an actual office. Husband will be making miracles in the brand new kitchen being installed at this very moment. We'll have separate bathrooms again. We will be a mere four minute drive from our favorite beach. Sad to leave our current landlords, but will be back to visit. Our new landlords are fascinating people and I can't wait to get to know them better.

We both interviewed for various interesting positions this week, too. New opportunities in a new environment with new people. Scary, yet exciting at the same time. We had our first interaction with the medical community - both people doctors and vets. The visits far exceeded both our expectations and experiences in the Midwest. (We're doing fine, by the way. Old Dog is old and a little more delicate, but doing fine.)

Basically, we were busy with boring life stuff when not hunkered in our little abode taking shelter from the beasty rains. None of the thunder and lightning I'm used to from the Midwest. Just an enormous amount of rain and winds that would have had Pooh running for Owl's. 

The second reason was (thankfully) work! I've been hired to ghostwrite for a travel ebook in addition to the marketing materials I've had on my plate more recently. I'm incredibly excited about the project. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it's a new item for the portfolio. This building a book of business thing is by no means easy. Not that I thought it would be. Right now, I spend more time marketing myself than I do actually working on projects. But it's starting to pay off. And it feels so. darn. good. I'm also enjoying getting to know the Women Who Live on Rocks. What an amazingly witty bunch of ladies and brilliant writers.

Thank the heavens for my work calendar. It keeps me grounded and on deadline. Without it, I have no idea what day it is. At any given point, if asked what day it is, I can't answer. I'm sure when I find the right part-time gig, that will change. But for now, I'm blissfully unaware of the passage of time. I wake early, write until I'm spent, eat, repeat. Life is nothing short of glorious.

Speaking of writing, I've been asked many times about working on a book. No, I have no fiction tale in the works at the moment. Would I love to be ensconced in my Haiku hut banging out a bestseller? Sure. Do I have a couple dozen novel starts? Yep. I even (gasp) have a few finished ones. Terrible, terrible, finished works that should never see the light of day. I'm not being humble here. They're bad. But I've heard they're bad until they're good. I'll keep at it. For now, I'm happy to just work on making money with words. If I can pay the bills doing that some day, I'll consider that an enormous success. Because I love it.

I can't see how anyone can jump into the world of writing without loving it. It's painful. Frustrating. There's all kinds of self-doubt and self-criticism. At times, it's inconvenient. Even the worst ideas have to make their way onto a page. Otherwise, it eats at you. It can be irritating to those you love. Those who want your attention. I understand. It's not exactly fair to ask about someone's day then zone out because some purple talking frog has something to say in your head. Or two faceless people are having an argument about which galaxy to visit over spring break. The point is, they won't shut up and it makes it almost impossible to carry on a real life conversation at times. It can be irritating, but I never want it to stop. Fortunate for me, Husband gets it. Old Dog is used to it. Miss Monster is more interested in chasing chickens than whatever I may be doing. So someday, maybe, there might be a novel of some kind. For now, there are infographics, articles, blogs, and one ebook.

And a very happy aspiring writer swatting mosquitoes at her dog crate standing desk in Haiku.